Cycles are customizable marketing campaigns. Define requirements that submissions must meet to qualify for a payout.

How to Create a Cycle


Visit cycles page

Go to and click “Add Cycle”.

Edit settings

Customize each setting to fit your needs.

Create cycle

Cycle Settings

After a cycle is created, you can edit or delete the cycle.

Quality Checks

ShareThat performs several checks when you submit a clip:

  • Submissions MUST be from a connected social media account. Trying to submit clips from an account you don’t own or have access to will not work.
  • Submissions MUST be from a platform enabled by the cycle. Trying to submit an Instagram Reel to a cycle that only has TikTok enabled will not work.
  • You cannot submit the same clip twice.

Cycle Status


Accept new submissions.


When a cycle ends, it moves into the processing status until we successfully charge your connected payment method.

Paying Out

After we successfully charge your connected payment method and receive the funds, we automatically send payouts to clip creators.


A cycle becomes Paid after clip creators receive payment for their submissions.

What happens when you delete an active cycle? TBD