Short-form clips are quickly becoming the primary way people consume viral moments. Our infrastructure provides value for multiple use cases.

Live Streamers

The most popular Twitch, Kick, YouTube, and Rumble live streamers in the world maintain their virality on social media by paying clip creators to post viral moments. If you are a small streamer who is creating high-quality content with “viral potential”, signing up for ShareThat is a no-brainer. ShareThat is also a great option for streamers with an established audience who want consistent engagement and faster growth.


Podcasts are super entertaining but require audiences to make a big-time commitment to stay engaged. Podcasts are often more than an hour long. Many people consume podcasts via short-form clips to avoid the time commitment. If you are a podcaster who wants to build a consistent audience and boost engagement on viral moments, ShareThat is a fantastic option for you.


Tons of music artists’ careers were built on platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. All it takes is one song to go viral to build an entire music career. If you are an artist who creates amazing music, ShareThat will help you gain traction and listeners.

Streaming Platforms

If you are building a live streaming platform, growing your concurrent viewership numbers can be difficult, especially in a highly competitive space. Paying clip creators to post viral moments that happen on your platform is a great way to build your audience. Use ShareThat for free instead of investing time and money in building something on your own.




Any brand can benefit from using ShareThat. Maybe you are promoting a new product that just launched. We give you the flexibility to build your short-form audience at scale.