ShareThat uses Stripe to process payments, store payment methods, and issue payouts. Stripe is a level 1 PCI Service Provider which is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. You can read more about security at Stripe here.

Paying Clip Creators

ShareThat acts as a secure middleman that helps you and your team save time by quickly facilitating mass payouts between you and the clip creators who post for you. Your connected payment method will automatically be charged when a cycle is complete. If you have a strict budget and can only afford to pay clip creators a specific amount, please consider using the Pot budget mode when creating a cycle.

Flow of Funds

The Balance Due stat calculation only includes approved submissions. Please note that you will also be charged for any submissions that remain in the pending status when a cycle ends.

Connecting a Payment Method

Before you can invite clip creators to your group, you are required to connect a payment method. This allows us to make sure clip creators get paid on time. We offer the following payment methods:

You can disconnect your payment method at any time when your balance is paid and there are no active cycles.

To connect a payment method, follow these steps:


Visit settings page

Go to and click “Connect payment method”.


Select Card or Bank account

When you connect a bank account, you will be prompted to accept a mandate. This mandate tells Stripe that you authorize ShareThat to pull funds from your bank account to cover cycle payments.




To learn more about how ShareThat sends payouts to clip creators, please check out Payouts.